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Pics from move in day.

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I’m so pumped that my classes start tomorrow.
I’m so happy I’m making friends.
I still have feelings of overwhelming sadness that I know are both understandable and unreasonable.
But I’m so happy.
I am making great friends.
People know who I am (because I was hypnotized and made to forget the number six and almost cried about it on the hypnotist) and I’m being myself.
I want to do so many things.
I want to be on the ultimate team and the rugby team.
I want to be on the orientation committee.
These are going to be some of the best years of my life and I can already feel it.
Except I’m still being held back by sadness and heartache and lack of communication and clarity and I don’t know if I’ll ever get that clarity or if I just need to accept I am now on my own like a free bird that kind of misses it’s cage.
I hope I can let my feelings go and not be offended by the idea of another’s actions or the possibility of events I don’t have power over.
I need to let go.

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hecka frumpy vibe today
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hecka frumpy vibe today

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